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There are many who long to help others but feel  they have no spiritual strength or light to impart. Let  them present their petitions at the throne of grace.    Plead for the Holy Spirit.  God stands back of every promise He has made.    With your Bible in your hands say, I  have done as You have said. I present  Your promise, “Ask, and it shall be given  you; seek, and you shall find; knock,  and it shall be opened to you.”   — Christ’s Object Lessons, p.147


There is nothing in us of ourselves by which  we can influence others for good. If we realize our need of divine power, we shall not trust to ourselves.  Never should we begin the day without committing our ways to our heavenly Father.  His angels are appointed to watch over us and if we put ourselves under their guardianship, then when unconsciously we are in danger of exerting a wrong influence, the angels will be by our side, prompting us to a better course, choosing our words for us, and influencing our actions




The reading of the word of God prepares the  mind for prayer. This holy book reveals to you a complete Saviour and teaches that through His boundless mercy alone you can expect salvation. Those who have themselves tasted the sweets  of redeeming love will not, cannot rest, until all  with whom they associate are made acquainted  with the plan of salvation. You should inquire, “Lord, what will You have me to do? How can I honor and glorify Your name on earth?”  — Signs of the Times, May 1, 1884












“Those who are imbued with the word of God will teach it in the same simple way that Christ taught it. The world’s greatest Teacher used the simplest language and the plainest symbols.” — Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, p.433 

These tidbits from the inspired writings of Ellen G. White have been adapted when necessary to simplify nineteenth-century phrases to our present-day language. —Prayer and Promises

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