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My heart was drawn out in supplication  to God that the deep things of God might  be opened to the minds of those present, that they might understand what it means to serve Him in love and the language of their heart be, “I delight to do Your will,  O my God, Your law is within my heart.”     — The Gospel Herald, August 1, 1898


We are on missionary soil, and we should pray that God may stir up the minds of those who do not seem to feel their need of anything more than they now possess, that they may seek for light from the throne of God. — The Review and Herald, March 11, 1890


The prince of darkness exerts his power in  every conceivable manner to keep the moral  sensibilities of our people paralyzed that they  may not discern the voice of the True Shepherd.  At the meeting my prayer to God was that  the power of the enemy might be broken  and that the people who had been in darkness might open their hearts and  minds to the message that God should  send them, that they might see the  truth as old truth in new frame-work.   — The Review and Herald, July 23, 1889


Do not be troubled by the opinions of those  who talk for the sake of talking. Let us  pray that their tongues may become  active and eloquent in the praise of God.


When we see errors in others, let us  remember that we have faults. Instead of publishing his defects,  ask God to bless him and  help him to overcome his error.   Christ will approve of this spirit and action, and will open the way for you to speak a word of wisdom that will impart strength  and help to him who is weak in the faith.   — The Review and Herald, June 5, 1888


INTERCESSORY PRAYER, exercise faith presenting case neighbors before throne grace, pleading with God touch their hearts effectual missionary work done



INTERCESSORY PRAYER, Pray earnestly in their behalf , writing philippian brothers brethren, prayed earnestly their behalf, hearts night be comforted strengthened knit together in love bond of perfectness,  element strength








“Learn of Jesus. He was the greatest teacher the world ever knew; yet he spoke in the language of common life... He adapted his instruction to all times and places, to both the rich and the poor, the educated and the ignorant.” — The Review and Herald, July 22, 1884   

These tidbits from the inspired writings of Ellen G. White have been adapted when necessary to simplify nineteenth-century phrases to our present-day language. —Prayer and Promises

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