Holy Spirit

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I love Jesus, and I must  plead with Him that I may have more of His Spirit.  God is willing to bless us. As we labor for souls,  our hearts should go up to God in gratitude  and love for His rich blessing which He  has so bountifully bestowed upon us.  Let us meditate much on the goodness of  our God and on that love that has been  manifested toward us in the gift of Christ.


May the same Holy Spirit which inspired the Bible take possession of your heart, leading you to love His word which is Spirit and life. May it open your eyes to discover the things of the Spirit of God.   Our nourishment must be drawn from the Bible, such sustenance will be as enduring as eternity.  — The Review and Herald, January 8, 1889





Kneel before God and pray earnestly for the impartation of the Spirit.   Cry, “Lord, increase my faith. Make me to understand Your word; for the entrance of Your word gives light. Refresh me by Your presence. Fill my heart with Your Spirit that I may love my brethren as Christ loves me.” 


At every meeting we attend, our prayers should ascend that at this very time, God will impart warmth and moisture to our souls. As we seek God for the Holy Spirit, it will work in us meekness, humbleness of mind, a conscious dependence upon God for the perfecting latter rain. If we pray for the blessing in faith, we shall receive it as God has promised.


God’s faithful messengers, place themselves close connection with Great Teacher daily taught God, wrestle with God earnest prayer baptism meet needs of world perish in sin









“Christ reached the people where they were. He presented the plain truth to their minds in the most forcible, simple language. The humble poor, the most unlearned, could comprehend, through faith in Him, the most exalted truths. No one needed to consult the learned doctors as to His meaning.” Gospel Workers 1915, p.49  

These tidbits from the inspired writings of Ellen G. White have been adapted when necessary to simplify nineteenth-century phrases to our present-day language. —Prayer and Promises

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