Grow In Grace

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We are in continual danger of getting  above the simplicity of the gospel.   The change we need is a change  of heart and can only be obtained  by seeking God individually for His blessing, by pleading with Him for His power, by fervently praying that His grace may come upon us and that our characters may be transformed.    — The Review and Herald, March 22, 1892


I love Jesus, and I must  plead with Him that I may have more of His Spirit.  God is willing to bless us. As we labor for souls,  our hearts should go up to God in gratitude  and love for His rich blessing which He  has so bountifully bestowed upon us.  Let us meditate much on the goodness of  our God and on that love that has been  manifested toward us in the gift of Christ.



Grow in grace, Every step humbly inquire please Jesus, glorify God, morning evening earnest prayers ascend for blessing guidance, takes hold Omnipotence gives victory


Grow in grace, Lord presents finite creatures no impossibilities, Heavenly Father claims hands can not perform, pray for power, expect receive, grow up into full stature of men and women in Christ Jesus









Jesus “made truth beautiful by presenting it in the most direct and simple way... But while His teaching was simple, He spoke as one having authority. This characteristic set His teaching in contrast with that of all others.” — The Desire of Ages, p.253 

The Redeemer of the world sought to make his lessons of instruction plain and simple, that all might comprehend them. — The Review and Herald, April 28, 1885 

These tidbits from the inspired writings of Ellen G. White have been adapted when necessary to simplify nineteenth-century phrases to our present-day language. —Prayer and Promises

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