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Sin and pollution abound on every hand;  daily, hourly, the prayer should go forth from hearts that realize the dangers, “Deliver us from evil.”  The Christian who offers this prayer, realizing his weakness, makes the temptation of the enemy powerless. — The Youth's Instructor, December 7, 1899


By faith in the blood of Christ keep your  soul in the love of God. Each morning say,  I must live for Jesus today; I must love Him  and think of Him and refuse to be led by  the tempter to do a wrong action.  Then you will be victors in the battle, a victory gained today fortifies the soul against tomorrow’s temptations.  Ask God to show you what you should  avoid and what you should encourage.   — The Review and Herald, August 4, 1896


Begin the day with your Saviour. The very first out-breathing of the soul in the morning should be for the presence of Jesus... pray in the morning that as the sun illuminates the landscape, and fills the world with light, so the Sun of righteousness may shine into the chambers of mind and heart, and make us all light in the Lord. — Bible Echo and Signs of the Times, January 15, 1892


Whatever your hands find to do, do it with your might. Let your daily prayer be,  “Lord, help me to do my best. Teach  me how to do better work. Help  me to bring into my service the  loving ministry of the Saviour.”  — Review and Herald, April 4, 1912


When you rise in the morning, kneel at your bedside and ask God to give you strength to fulfill the duties of the day and to meet its temptations. Ask Him to help you to bring into your work Christ’s sweetness of character. Ask Him to help you to speak words that will draw those around you nearer to Christ. — Australasian Union Conference Record, January 15, 1903






Christ “presented the words of life in such simplicity that a child could understand them.”The Review and Herald, April 25, 1912

The Saviour does not, however, restrict us to the use of these exact words. As one with humanity, He presents His own ideal of prayer, words so simple that they may be adopted by the little child, yet so comprehensive that their significance can never be fully grasped by the greatest minds.  Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, p.103 

These tidbits from the inspired writings of Ellen G. White have been adapted when necessary to simplify nineteenth-century phrases to our present-day language. —Prayer and Promises

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