Prayer Resources


Abide In Jesus

— Consent to let Christ do everything for us, in us and through us. Download this free e-book.  


Daily Devotion

— Start your day with an inspiring one-minute devotion by Brenda Walsh 


Desperate Prayer

— A 3-part audio series of "Real Talk with God" (scroll down to play mp3 file), by James Rafferty, Co-director of Light Bearers  


Experiencing God Through Praise and Prayer!

— This inspirational packet, compiled by Jerry and Janet Page, contains many resources on prayer 


God's Word is Life and Power

— Every promise in the Word of God is for us 


Helps for Your Devotional Life 

— Audio sermon by Janet Page, she serves as the General Conference Associate Ministerial Secretary for Pastoral Families and Prayer Ministries 


Intercessory Prayer Ministry

— Ideas to begin an intercessory prayer outreach  


Let's Pray!

— Because now, you don't have to pray alone! a Hope Channel program  


Name of Jesus

— Listen to this AudioVerse podcast about what it means to pray in the name of Jesus by Derek Morris, President of Hope Channel   


Prayer: The Heartbeat of Revival

— Audio of a Hope Sabbath School program, an in-depth interactive study of the Word of God 


Praying for Our 'Kings'

Adventist Review article by Dwight Nelson, Pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church 


Praying With Power

— Step into the realm of increased faith and prayer by Shelley Quinn, speaker and author for Three Angels Broadcasting Network 


Revival and Reformation Prayer Resources

— Practical, inspirational resources for you, your church and your community 


Spiritual Breakthrough

— Fasting for spiritual breakthrough will change your life by Janet Page 


Steps to Personal Revival

— Download this free e-book about being filled with the Holy Spirit 


Take the 10-Day Prayer Challenge

— Keys that changed the course of Daniel's captivity, an article from the Adventist Review  


Teach Us to Pray 

— Prayer is one of our most valuable spiritual assets, but few know what it really means to pray. Free download from Amazing Facts Free Book Library 


Ten Days of Prayer

— God poured out His Spirit in Pentecost power after His church spent ten days together, pleading for His promised blessing  


The Power of Prayer 

— Audio/video sermon by John Bradshaw, Speaker/Director for It Is Written


The Wayside 

Discovery Mountain's character building audio children's story about a week prayer story 


Youth Week of Prayer 

— Prayer resources and material for youth ministry leaders 






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