You are Chosen




You did not choose Me, but I chose you. I appointed you that you should go out and produce fruit and that your fruit should remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give you.

John 15:16, HCSB 



The heavenly agencies are waiting to co-operate with human agencies in the grand work of reflecting light to the world. Wherever there is even one soul converted on the earth there is a response of joy circulated through heaven. 

The spirit of truth must become a living principle in the soul. “What shall we do that we might work the works of God?” is asked by many souls today. The answer comes, “This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.”

I lay down my pen and lift up my soul in prayer, that the Lord would breathe upon his backslidden people, which are as dry bones, that they may live. The end is near... May the Lord grant to bring his Holy Spirit upon hearts that are now at ease, that they may no longer sleep as do others, but watch and be sober. Who will consent even now after wasting much of his lifetime, to give his will as clay into the hands of the potter, and co-operate with God in becoming in his hands molded a vessel unto honor?  

Oh, that those whom the Lord has blessed with the treasures of truth would awake and say from the heart, “Lord what wilt thou have me to do?” Light is increasing to enlighten every soul who will diffuse the light to others. God will have his witnesses. 

The Lord calls for the pardoned soul, those who rejoice in the light, to make known the truth to others. The living agents are needed to communicate the light of truth, and the result will be those who are now ignorant of the truth, will, through the grace of Christ, become precious in the sight of the Lord, and will exert an influence to the glory of God. 

Those who wish to sacrifice for the truth’s sake, let them answer to the call, “Whom shall I send?” “Here am I, send me.” The truth is soon to triumph gloriously, and all who will triumph with it must be laborers together with God. The time is short, the night cometh when no man can work. We must do what is possible for us to do now in earnest determined effort. 

General Conference Daily Bulletin, February 4, 1893 



Lift up the soul in prayer that the Lord would breathe upon His backslidden people that they may live.

May the Lord bring His Holy Spirit on the hearts that are now at ease, that they may no longer sleep but watch and be thoughtful.

Consent to give your will as clay into the hands of the potter. Co-operate with God to become, in His hands, a molded a vessel of honor. 

Awake and say from the heart, “Lord what will You have me to do?”






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