Words of Spirit




The Spirit is the One who gives life. The flesh doesn’t help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.

— John 6:63, HSCB



It is not the want of knowledge, or of spiritual understanding, that will separate us from the divine presence...but the truth that has reached the understanding, the light that has shone upon the soul and has not been appreciated. 

Let our prayers ascend to God for his converting, transforming grace. Meetings should be held in every church for solemn prayer and earnest searching of the word to know what is truth. Take the promises of God, and ask God in living faith for the outpouring of his Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is shed upon us, marrow and fatness will be drawn from the word of God.

The promises of God now repeated as if the soul had never tasted of his love, will then glow upon the altar of the heart, and fall in burning words from the lips of the messengers of God. They will then plead with souls with an earnestness that cannot be repulsed. Then the windows of heaven will be open for the showers of the latter rain. The followers of Christ will be united in love. 

We should study God’s word with humility, with hope, with prayerful hearts, grateful that such a treasure has been vouchsafed to us. Every doctrine must be brought to the Bible. Every perplexing question must be settled by a “thus saith the Lord.” 

The truth should be woven into our life, that it may influence our spirit and govern our actions... Christ says, “The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” His words must become a part of our very life; then we shall offer fervent, effectual prayers with that faith which will bring returns. Then if ministers see that their labors are not effectual to the saving of souls, they will fast and pray, and the Holy Spirit will come upon them. 

When they see in themselves sins and wrongs that must be confessed and renounced, they must exercise faith that when they repent of their sins, God forgives; that renovating power is given to the soul. By faith, living faith, the victory will be gained. 

— The Review and Herald, February 25, 1890



Pray to God for His converting, transforming grace. Hold meetings in church for solemn prayer and earnest searching of the word to know what is truth.

Take the promises of God and ask God in living faith for the outpouring of His Holy Spirit.

Study God’s word with humility, hope, a prayerful heart and gratefulness. Weave the truth into your life that it may influence your spirit and govern your actions. 

Exercise faith that when you repent of your sins God forgives and a renovating power is given to the soul. 







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