Word of Our Testimony



The promise 

They overcame [the accuser] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Revelation 12:11, MEV 


The testimony 

We are to present to the world a life of overcoming,—overcoming by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. But in order to do this, we must seek the Lord daily that our natural temperaments and desires may be brought under the converting power of the Holy Spirit, and into harmony with the life of Christ. 

What we need is pure and undefiled religion. We need to plead for the righteousness that comes to the truly converted soul who accepts the life of the Redeemer as his example. 

My brethren and sisters, there is a world to be saved. What are you doing to co-operate with Christ, to represent his spirit? Are you seeking to become acquainted with those who need your help?... If you will watch for the opportunities that present themselves for speaking a word to this soul and to that, God will speak through you to win hearts to him. Christ took human nature that you might approach him and learn how to labor for your fellow men. Make use of your knowledge in bringing souls to Christ. Drop a word here and a word there that will lift up the Saviour before men, and lead them to higher and holier purposes. 

Christ worked for us when we were unbelievers. Should we not labor for our friends and neighbors who do not believe? Christ expects you to become acquainted with the spiritual needs of these souls, and to work for them in meekness and lowliness of heart. 

May God help us to understand that we must be laborers together with him. Let us begin right here to be co-workers with Heaven. Let us put away the foolish reading-matter, and study the Word of God. Let us commit its precious promises to memory, so that, when we are deprived of our Bibles, we may still be in possession of the Word of God. 

If you will come into this position of consecration to the work of God, he will multiply your influence for good. 

If we will do as the disciples did before the day of Pentecost,—pray and believe, and come into harmony with one another and with the Word,—the Lord will work with us, opening the understanding and the hearts of those whom we seek to reach, and bringing them to a knowledge of the truth. 

The Review and Herald, January 6, 1910 


The response 

Seek the Lord daily that your natural disposition and desires may be brought under the converting power of the Holy Spirit and into harmony with the life of Christ. 

Accept the life of the Redeemer as your example and plead for His righteousness.

In the spirit of Christ become acquainted with the needs of others and lift up the Savior before them. Ask God to speak through you to win souls.

May God help you to be a laborer together with Him. Put away the foolish reading-matter and study the Word of God, commit its precious promises to memory. 





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