With One Accord



Then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being united in spirit and purpose. — Philippians 2:2, BSB 


The Christian church began its existence by praying for the Holy Spirit… Just before his ascension Christ had commissioned the disciples to preach the gospel to the world. “Ye shall receive power,” he said, “after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and ye shall be witnesses unto me…” 

In obedience to the word of their Master, the disciples returned to Jerusalem, and for ten days they prayed for the fulfillment of God’s promise. These ten days were days of deep heart-searching. The disciples put away all difference that had existed among them, and drew close together in Christian fellowship. 

At the end of the ten days the Lord fulfilled his promise by a wonderful outpouring of his Spirit. When they were “all with one accord in one place” in prayer and supplication, the promised blessing came. 

I have felt that we do not pray as much as we should. There is nothing more needed in the work than the practical results of communion with God. We should hold convocations for prayer, asking the Lord to open the way for the truth to enter the strongholds where Satan has set up his throne, and dispel the shadow he has cast athwart the pathway of those whom he is seeking to deceive and destroy. We have the assurance, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” 

With many the promise of the Spirit is a matter little thought of; and the result is only what might be expected,—spiritual drought, spiritual darkness, spiritual declension and death. Minor matters occupy the attention, and the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the church, and which would bring all other blessings in its train, is lacking, though offered in its infinite plentitude. 

My brethren and sisters, plead for the Holy Spirit. God stands back of every promise he has made. With your Bibles in your hands say, “I have done as thou hast said. I present thy promise, ‘Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.’” 

— The Review and Herald, April 30, 1908 


Lord God, I humbly search my own heart that I may put away all differences between my fellow believers. Help us to draw closer together in Christian fellowship. I plead for the fulfillment of Your Holy Spirit. Open the way for the truth to enter places of darkness. I claim the promised blessing of the gift of Your Spirit and seek Your blessings that we may be effective witnesses. 



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