Trusting Christ




We have such trust through Christ toward God, not that we are sufficient in ourselves to take credit for anything of ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God,

— 2 Corinthians 3:4,5, MEV



I entreat you to depend less upon your own efforts, and trust more to the power of Christ. 

It is not enough that we have the theory of the truth; its principles must be inwrought in the soul, and exemplified in the life, or we shall fall a prey to the delusions prepared for the last days. 

“Then the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” We must now make Christ our refuge, or in the days before us our souls will be overwhelmed with darkness and despair... The arrows of the destroyer are about to be hurled against the faithful ones, and no earthly power can turn aside the shaft. But could our eyes be opened we could see angels of God encircling the righteous, that no harm may come upon them. We have only to trust in God, and go forward in the way of obedience, and we shall be victorious. 

“Now the just shall live by faith.” We must look to Jesus, study his words, pray for his Spirit. We should be more frequently alone with God in meditation and prayer. Let us pray more and talk less. We cannot trust to our own wisdom, our own experience, our own knowledge of the truth; we must be daily learners, looking to our heavenly Teacher for instruction, and then, without regard to ease, pleasure, or convenience, we must go forward, knowing that He is faithful who has called. 

We should cultivate a spirit of prayer, not merely praying in our closets, at the family altar, or in public, but having our minds constantly centered on God, taking hold upon his strength, pleading for his grace, confiding in his promises. Let us put on the whole armor of righteousness, which the Captain of our salvation has prepared for us. While we realize our weakness, let us rely upon His strength, and overcome by the grace which he imparts. 

There is help in God for every seeker. Great promises are left on record for us. We should keep faith in constant exercise, and it will increase and strengthen. 

— The Review and Herald, August 28, 1883 



Depend less on your own efforts and trust more to the power of Christ. 

Look to Jesus, study His words, pray for His Spirit. Frequently be alone with God in meditation and prayer.

Pray more and talk less. Be a daily learner looking to your heavenly Teacher for instruction, then go forward knowing that He is faithful who has called you. 

Cultivate a spirit of prayer having your mind constantly centered on God. Take hold on His strength pleading for His grace and confiding in His promises.  






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