Trust In God’s Word



The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit. — Psalm 34:17,18, NKJV 


Since he has made such gracious promises, why do we not trust God? Why do we not take him at his word? We must have increased faith. We must pray with our heart in our petitions, believing that God hears, and answers even while we pray. 

God will hear the prayer of the contrite heart; he says he will, and what better assurance can you desire than the word of God? Your weakness and sinfulness are all known to him. While you cannot rejoice over this, you may rejoice that Jesus is your righteousness. Your very weakness may make manifest his grace and power; for your conscious weakness drives you to Him who is willing and mighty to help when you lay hold upon him by prevailing prayer. Will you trust your case in the hands of the dear Saviour, not tomorrow nor next week, but just now?… it is your privilege to believe that you are “accepted in the Beloved.” Are you sinful? it is for that very reason that you need a Saviour. He can cleanse you from all sin; he invites you to come to him with your burdens and trials, and if you come, he promises you rest. 

But you must believe in Jesus, and act out your faith… You surrender to Jesus, but do not believe that he receives you. Come to our dear Saviour as a child would come to a parent. Do not talk of your feelings nor preach the Lord a sermon; do not allow your thoughts even to wander; but come right to the point, asking for what you need in the simplicity of faith, and pleading the promises in the word of God. I feel sad that we know so little about faith. Let us put away our wicked unbelief, and this morning venture upon the promises of God, and prove his word. Could our eyes be opened, we should see Jesus and heavenly angels in the room, only too willing to bless us. Our prayers are too cold and lifeless; they lack fervor and earnestness. Let us urge our petitions as did Jacob; and we shall find that importunate prayer will bring us precious victories. 

The Review and Herald, May 27, 1884 


My Father God, I am weak and sinful and fail You when I take myself into my own hands. I need a Savior  and surrender my heart to You. My faith is in You, I claim the promise for grace and power that is found only in Christ. I believe Your promise and rejoice in Christ, my righteousness!



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