Triumph In God



It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; For You, Lord, have made me glad through Your work; I will triumph in the works of Your hands. — Psalm 92:1,4, NKJV 


On one occasion, when the armies of Israel were to go up to battle, the Lord commanded that they take with them singers and instruments of music. They went into the battle singing the high praises of God. When their enemies heard this music, the Lord caused fear to fill their hearts, and they fled. We need to have more music and less groaning. May God help us to put faith into our work, remembering that if trial comes, it will be because we need it. 

Difficulties may appear in our way. We may wonder how we are to accomplish this and that and the other thing. At times the future may look very dark. Butthe Lord is hearing and answering prayer. We need to pray much more than we do. We need to bring the promises of the Lord to Him, and thank and praise Him for what He has promised to give us if we will follow on to know Him… when we stand where the Lord can open the way before us, He will do it, and will strengthen us for the duty of the hour. 

Divine power stands behind all who are earnestly seeking to glorify God, and the Lord would be much better pleased if He should hear from our lips more words of encouragement, and a determination to make a success wherever we have put our hands to establish the work. 

When discouragement comes, remember that the Lord’s hosts are back of us. Remember that your strength is not found in words of discouragement. Remember that heaven is not lessened of any of its angels. These angels are just as ready to come to the help of God’s people today as in the days of ancient Israel. 

God will be our helper and our strength. He will be our frontguard and our rearward. We may lean upon an arm that is almighty. With a sympathetic Saviour looking upon us, and pleading in our behalf, how can we lose faith? I ask you to pledge yourselves before God that you will not talk discouragement. 

May the Lord help you to carry the work forward in the name of the Lord God of Israel, saying, “We shall triumph in the name of God.” When you have faith, it pleases God. 

Truth and light will shine into the hearts of those who say, “We will triumph in the God of our salvation, and He will give us the victory.” 

— Record of Progress and An Appeal In Behalf of the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium, p.39-43  


O my Father, difficulties are getting in my way. I seek only to glorify You, I praise You that I may triumph through the works of Your hands. Help me to carry forward Your work. I bring the promises of Your word to You, O Lord, thanking You for what You have promised to give me as I follow on to know You. I will talk faith and not discouragement, for You have are my helper and my strength. I shall triumph in Your name for You will give me the victory!  



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