Trial of Your Faith



Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. — James 1:2,3, NLT 


In all our trials we will seek the Lord most earnestly, remembering that we are his property, his children by adoption, and we shall receive help. We are his by creation, we are his by redemption. By the cords of divine love we are bound to the Source of all power and strength. If we will only make God our dependence, asking him for what we want as a little child asks his father for what he wants, we shall obtain a rich experience. We shall learn that God is the source of all strength and power. 

If, when you ask, you do not immediately feel any special exercise of feeling, do not think that your prayer is not answered. The One who says, “Ask, and it shall be given you… for every one that asketh receiveth” will hear and answer you. Let us, then, ask and seek, and have the privilege of finding. 

What did Christ promise his disciples if they would believe in him as their personal Saviour? “Lo, I am with you alway,” he said, “even unto the end of the world.” Again he says, “I am at thy right hand to help thee.” Think of how many promises he has given us, which we may grasp by the hand of faith. When we go to the Source of power, we know that we shall receive that intelligence and wisdom which comes from a pure source, which is not mixed with anything of humanity. As we pray, it is our privilege to know that God wants us to pray, to ask him for help. He wants us to become acquainted with him, to speak to him, to tell him of our difficulties. 

Let us not dwell upon the dark side of the picture, saying that we do not know how things are coming out; that everything seems to be torn up and broken to pieces. It is not so. We may place ourselves under the molding hand of God. He will make of us vessels unto honor, if we are willing to be made thus. God wants us to expect large things, to remember that the prayer which ascended to heaven at the Saviour’s baptism embraces every one of us. We are accepted in the Beloved. Christ has pledged himself to keep us. Then commit the keeping of your souls to him, as unto a faithful Creator. Repeat the words aloud, “I will commit the keeping of my soul to him.”

O that God would show you that there is a power above the power of humanity!

— The General Conference Bulletin, April 4, 1901 


Dear Lord, I seek You most earnestly because I am in trouble and my faith is being tested. I come to You claiming the promise that You are always with me and at my right hand to help me. I make You my dependence, not other people. I commit the keeping of my soul to You and rest in Your Word. I praise You that I can put my trust in You, I will expect large things because You have power above all humanity! 



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