Surrender to God




The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.  

— 1 John 2:17, NASB 



God is working, and heavenly intelligences are waiting for the co-operation of human agencies, to work out in life and character a living demonstration of truth before the eyes of men. 

God has qualified men with the elements of faith, and it rests with them to exercise his intrusted gift and believe the evidences which he presents. They are to accept Christ, submit their will to the will of God, and love God and obey his commandments, that Christ may be formed within, the hope of glory. 

All heaven is waiting the sinner’s co-operation, and the only barrier that stands in his way is one which he alone can remove,—his own will. He must submit to the will of God, and through repentance and faith, come unto God for salvation. No one will be forced against his will; Christ draws, but never compels, service from any man. 

He says, “Come unto me [he gives an invitation to draw the soul] all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Man is required to surrender self, to submit to be a child of God, to submit to be saved by his grace, and when this is done, divine agencies co-operate with the human agent, and the character is transformed. 

It is in the surrender of the will that the line of demarcation between a child of God, an heir of heaven, and the rebellious, who refuse the great salvation, is distinctly drawn. The apostle asks the question, “Who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth?” It is the truth that sanctifies the soul. It is Satan that beclouds the mind, so that eternity is lost out of the reckoning. 

Let us follow the example of Christ, and daily consecrate ourselves to his service, that we may be one with Christ. 

Those who believe in Christ as their personal Saviour, are “made the righteousness of God in him.”... hold fast to your faith in Jesus Christ; for he is all and in all to those who believe. 

— The Review and Herald, March 24, 1896 



Exercise faith and accept Christ. Submit your will to the will of God that Christ may be formed within.

Christ gives the invitation to draw the soul. Surrender self, submit to be a child of God. 

Follow the example of Christ, daily consecrate yourself to His service. 

Believe in Christ as your personal Saviour, hold fast your faith in Jesus. 







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