Sunshine In Your Home




I chose him, and he will instruct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice, so that the Lord may bring to Abraham what He promised him.

— Genesis 18:19, MEV 



Your home should be a blessed sanctuary where God can come in, and where his holy angels can minister unto you. 

The whole family of heaven is interested in the families here below; and how thankful we should be for this interest manifested for us day and night. Words spoken in our homes which are impatient and unkind, angels hear... Impatience brings the enemy of God and man into your family, and drives out the angels of God. If you are abiding in Christ, and Christ in you, you cannot speak angry words. Fathers and mothers, I beseech you, for Christ’s sake, to be kind, tender, and patient in your homes. Then light and sunshine will enter your homes, and you will feel that bright beams from the Sun of Righteousness are indeed shining into your hearts. 

There are those who profess the truth who neglect family prayer. But how can you venture to go to your labor without committing the care of your souls to your Heavenly Father? You should show that you trust in him. You should consecrate your families to God before you leave your homes. Every prayer that you offer up to God in faith, will surely be respected and answered by your Heavenly Father. 

If fathers and mothers want their children to be Christlike in disposition, they must set them the example... look away from the things that are seen, to the things that are unseen, trusting and rejoicing in the promises of God. 

Begin to educate your tongues to praise him, and train your hearts to make melody to God; and when the evil one begins to settle his gloom about you, sing praise to God. When things go crossways at your homes, strike up a song about the matchless charms of the Son of God, and I tell you, when you touch this strain, Satan will leave you. You can drive out the enemy with his gloom; his dark shadow will be swept from your pathway by praising God, and you can see, O, so much clearer, the love and compassion of your Heavenly Father. It is Satan’s studied effort to eclipse the light of the Sun of Righteousness so that you cannot see it. Your mind should be uplifted to God; you should have praise meetings in your family and in the church. 

— The Review and Herald, August 5, 1890 



Consecrate your family to God before you leave your home. Offer prayer to God in faith, showing that you trust your Heavenly Father. 

Set an example to your children of a Christlike disposition by trusting and rejoicing in the promises of God. 

Educate your tongue to praise God, train your heart to make melody to Him. Have praise meetings in your family and in the church. 

When things go crossways at your home, strike up a song about the matchless charms of the Son of God and Satan will leave you.





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