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For you have been born again, not from perishable seed, but imperishable, through the word of God which lives and abides forever. — 1 Peter 1:23, MEV 


A field left uncultivated speedily produces a rank growth of thistles and tangled vines, which exhaust the soil and are worthless to the owner. The ground is full of seeds blown and carried by the wind from every quarter; and if it is left uncultivated, they spring up to life spontaneously, choking every precious fruit-bearing plant that is struggling for existence. If the field were tilled and sown to grain, these valueless weeds would be extinguished, and could not flourish.

The mind should be guarded carefully. Nothing should be allowed to enter that will harm or destroy its healthy vigor. But to prevent this, it should be preoccupied with good seed, which, springing to life, will bring forth fruit-bearing branches. If all kinds of seed are sown—good and bad indiscriminately—the mind’s soil will be impoverished and demoralized by a wild and noxious growth. Weeds of every kind will flourish, and good seed attain no growth at all.

When the mind is stored with Bible truth, its principles take deep root in the soul, and the preference and tastes become wedded to truth… Bible knowledge will prove an antidote for the poisonous insinuations received through unguarded reading. 

Eternal interests are at stake. Put away that story, fall upon your knees in prayer for strength to overcome temptations, and devote your time to searching the Bible. And when Jesus reveals himself to you as a sin-pardoning Saviour, reflect the heavenly radiance upon others. You need not remain in suspense; true light shines from God’s word upon all hearts that are open to receive its precious rays; and it is your privilege to say, “I know that my Redeemer liveth.” The Spirit will bear witness with your spirit that you are indeed children of God. You may commune with Christ, who will be within you a hope of glory. This is true religion. All else is deception, a delusion. Let us open our hearts to its influence, that when Christ comes, we may be ready to receive him in joy and peace. 

— The Review and Herald, November 9, 1886 


O my Father, I do not want my mind demoralized with the corrupt knowledge of the world that will one day perish. I seek to be born again with spiritual knowledge. I fall before You asking for inner strength to overcome the temptation to fill my mind with the things that choke out my desire to come close to You. I open my heart and receive Your precious rays of light so I may truly commune with You as a child of God!  



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