Secret of Spiritual Life




Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.
John 17:17,18, NKJV



Communion with God through Christ and in Christ,—here is the source, the secret, of all spiritual life. It is a communion not limited to times and places, but constant, abiding.

It is because there is so little communion with God, that spiritual life is so feeble, and the efforts of our workers meet with so little success. Our natures must be raised from their earthliness; they must be kindled and purified in the upper brightness of God’s divine presence. Why are we so easily satisfied with little flashes of light, when there is a heaven of illumination for us?  

As we meditate upon the perfection of his character, we shall desire to become wholly transformed and renewed in the image of his purity. There will be a hungering and thirsting of soul to be made like him whom we adore. The more our thoughts are upon Christ, the more we shall speak of him to others, and represent him to the world. 

We need to study the truth for ourselves. We must individually look to God for divine enlightenment; and if we do this, his Spirit will be given us to illuminate the words of the Living Oracles. 

Pray as you never before prayed, for beams from the Sun of Righteousness to shine upon the word, that you may be able to understand its true meaning. Jesus pleaded that his disciples might be sanctified through the truth,—the word of God. Then how earnestly should we pray that He who “searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God,” He whose office it is to bring all things to the remembrance of his people, and to guide them into all truth, may be with us. 

He who desires the truth in his heart, who longs for the working of its power upon his life and character, will be sure to have it. And when our minds are filled with thoughts of God, the realities of the unseen world will open to our understanding, all the powers of the mind will be subject to new, fresh impressions, we shall take higher, holier views of the truth, and a transformation will be going on in us daily. Then we shall be able to present the truth to others in such a way as to make an impression upon their minds.

The Home Missionary, November 1, 1890



Dear Father in heaven, You are so good to send Your Son as my Savior to raise me above the earthliness and into the upper brightness of Your divine presence. Transform me that I may be like You, for Your ways are good and full of compassion. I love Your truth, may the Holy Spirit illuminate Your words of life that I may understand it’s true meaning. Sanctify me by Your truth. Work in me that I may present Your precious truth to others, let my life be a witness to Your transforming power. 



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