Remember God’s Goodness



The Promise 

Should you not also have had compassion on your fellow servant, just as I had pity on you?’

— Matthew 18:33, NKJV


The Testimony 

The old year, with its burden of record, has passed into eternity, and the new year has begun. Let us gather up the treasures of the past year,—our remembrances of God’s goodness and mercy,—and carry them with us into the new year. Let us brighten the future by the thought of past blessings. 

Oh, what wonderful blessings and opportunities God has in store for those who wear Christ’s yoke! Trouble comes to us because we manufacture yokes for ourselves, refusing to wear the yoke of Christ.  

My brethren and sisters, during this new year let there be among you no accusing. This is the work of the enemy. If he can lead professing Christians to accuse and condemn, he is served as he desires to be. Let no one, by yielding to feelings of envy, weaken the hands of his brother, so that the work entrusted to him is marred. 

Be very careful how you carry reports. Often what you tell to others, though seeming to you to be truth, is misrepresentation. Thus false conclusions are formed. Thread after thread of misrepresentation is woven into the web, until the pattern is spoiled. Oh, how many hearts are grieved and wounded because of statements made by those who do not really know that what they report is true! How much pain is caused by cruel handling of reputation!. The course of those who utter the slander would be just as dark if represented as they represent the course of the one whom they are accusing. 

“Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” Let us cooperate with the Lord Jesus. Only thus shall we be able to accomplish our part of the work. He is our efficiency. He will give us power. 

I ask you to study the eighteenth chapter of Matthew and the thirteenth chapter of first Corinthians. Pray earnestly for grace, and then prepare your hearts to receive the answer to your prayer. 

We are being tested and tried. May the Lord of heaven shut us in with Him, that the wicked one may have no power over us. 

Pacific Union Recorder, January 15, 1903 


The Response

Father God, through all the difficulties of this past year, Your goodness and mercy have been evident. You are so good to hear and answer our prayers of intercession! I pray for Your grace as I open Your word, I yield all my feelings to You that I may have love, and not criticism, in my heart towards others. O Lord, shut me in with You that the wicked one may have no power over me.



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