Promise of Abiding Rest



The Promise 

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

Matthew 11:28,29, NASB 


The Testimony 

The promise is large and far-reaching. It implies much. It means deliverance from constant, perplexing uncertainty. The word “rest” is repeated. “I will give you rest.” Learn of me...and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” 

The reason there are so many in perplexity is because they take their case into their own finite hands, and manufacture yokes that are not pleasant for them to wear. They think they understand their needs, and they worry and plan and devise, while Christ stands inviting, “ yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” The yokes of human manufacture gall the necks that wear them. Christ says, Try my yoke; it is easy: lift my burdens; for they are light. 

The abiding rest—who has it? That rest is found when all self-justification, all reasoning from a selfish standpoint, is put away. Entire self-surrender, an acceptance of his ways, is the secret of perfect rest in his love. We must learn his meekness and lowliness before we experience the fulfillment of the promise, “Ye shall find rest unto your souls.” 

By some the promise of God is grasped so eagerly that it becomes their own, and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit is their experience. Others suppose that they must wait until they become worthy. To these I would say, Never, never, will you become worthy. If this were possible, the Prince of heaven need not have come to our world. But by taking our human nature, he declared to the heavenly universe that he united humanity to divinity, in order that men and women might stand on vantage-ground, and be once more tested and tried. Through the sacrifice and merits of the Redeemer, man is made a partaker of the divine nature; but he must act his part by co-operating with the one who has promised. 

Put your trust in One who has promised rest to your soul. Do just what he has told you to do, and be assured that God will do all that he has said he would do. The promise is, “Come unto me...and I will give you rest.” Have you come to him, renouncing all your make-shifts, all your unbelief, all your self-righteousness? Come just as you are, weak, helpless, and ready to die. What is the “rest” promised?—It is the consciousness that God is true, that he never disappoints the one who comes to him. 

The Review and Herald, April 25, 1899 


The Response 

Rest in Christ’s love with an entire surrender of self. Put away all self-justification and accept His ways. 

Experience peace and joy in the Holy Spirit by eagerly grasping the promise of God until it becomes your own.

Put your trust in One who has promised rest to your soul. Do just what He has told you to do and be assured that God will do all that He has said He would do.

Come to God just as you are, weak and helpless, knowing that God will never disappoint the one who comes to Him. 





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