Power of Prayer



The promise 

And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.

Hebrews 11:6, NASB 


The testimony 

We should realize that we have a friend at court, one who can plead the cause of our soul, one who will be our helper in every emergency. Jesus says, “When ye pray, believe that ye receive the things ye ask for, and ye shall have them.” You are to come to the Father, emptying the soul of every sin and defilement, that you may prove the promises of the Lord. 

As a child comes to its parent, so you are to come to Jesus, telling Him just what you want, presenting before Him your need of his presence and grace. The Lord has promised to give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him; and as an illustration of our need, and his willingness to give, He presents before us a hungry child asking his earthly parent for bread. 

Heaven has been made accessible to all who will come, and we need not walk stumblingly or in uncertainty. If we ask guidance of the Lord, the promise is, “Ye shall receive.” The promises of God are yea and amen in Christ Jesus. “Seek, and ye shall find.” This is what we need to do every hour of our lives; for if we seek for the right way in sincerity, we shall find it. Feeling the need of help from the Lord, we shall seek for it in humble prayer. He who realizes his dependence upon God will realize that without Christ he can do nothing, and will esteem the privilege of communion with God above everything else. 

Then let us take each day’s cares and sorrows and trials to Jesus, casting all our care upon Him; for He careth for us. Let us begin each day as if it were the last we should pass upon earth, and continuing in prayer let us live in such a way, that we may ask God at its close to bless our efforts and influence. Through connection with Christ, through acceptance of his righteousness by faith, we may work the works of God, and become labourers together with Christ. He will bestow upon us heavenly gifts that will satisfy the deepest cravings of the heart. If you come to Him as little children, pleading God’s promises, making them your own, you will receive fulness of joy, and have a foretaste of eternal blessedness. 

— Bible Echo and Signs of the Times, March 1, 1893 


The response 

Pray believing that you will receive the things you ask for. Come to the Father emptying your soul of every sin and defilement that you may prove the promises of God. 

Come to Jesus presenting before Him the need of His presence and grace. Ask for guidance of the Lord claiming the promise, “You shall receive.”

Live in such a way that you may ask God at the close of the day to bless your efforts and influence. Connect with Christ, accept His righteousness and become a laborer together with Christ. 

Come to Him as a little child and plead God’s promises. Make them your own and you will have a foretaste of eternal blessedness. 





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