Power of Influence




Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of those who hear you. 

— 1 Timothy 4:16, NLT 



The Lord desires us to pray much, and to maintain a firm hold in his divine power. His blessings are to be sought, not merely for our own benefit, but for the benefit of our fellow men. In view of the power of our influence for good or for ill, we can not afford to deviate from the right way; for if we do wrong, we may lead some one else astray. 

Satan knows that his time is short, and he is putting forth every effort in his power to destroy our faith in God and in his Word. His agencies are following us constantly, seeking to induce us to follow his plans, and to take a wrong course in word and deed. But if we will grasp the power that Christ offers, seeking the Lord diligently, and watching unto prayer, we shall have all power and wisdom to meet the attacks of the enemy. 

Let those who believe the truth, go out and preach it. Let them practice it before their neighbors. The Lord calls upon you, my brethren, to gain a deep, living experience in the things of God. There are sacrifices that we must make. Shall we let the multitudes who know nothing of the truth, perish in their sins, unwarned? Satan is planning to hold these souls fast. He is seeking to hedge up our opportunities for reaching them. But the God of heaven is also at work in their behalf. As you seek to labor for them, his angels will go before you to prepare their hearts, and the same heavenly agencies will go with you as you visit them, to tell them of the sin-pardoning Saviour. 

Let us now seek God with all the heart, that we may find him. For your soul’s sake, I ask you to resist the devil. The promise is that he will flee from you. Put on the whole armor of righteousness, and press the battle to the gates. Heavenly angels will be with you to minister to your needs. You can speak the words of truth, and they will make an impression upon the heart. 

Are there those who will pledge themselves to live a life of prayer, ceasing to find fault, ceasing to criticize their brethren, and striving henceforth to be colaborers with Christ Jesus? There are souls to be saved. 

The Review and Herald, July 16, 1908 



Heavenly Father, bless Your people that we may have a living experience with You and exert an influence that draws others to You. We pledge ourselves to be co-laborers with Christ and lay hold of Your divine power. Go before us and prepare hearts. Give us wisdom to speak words of truth that will make a right impression.  



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