Persevere In Doing Good



God “will repay each one according to his deeds.”  To those who by perseverance in doing good seek glory, honor, and immortality, He will give eternal life.— Romans 2:6,7, BSB


Humble men and women and the youth, and even children, may be a blessing to others, by revealing what the truth has done for them. God will use the most feeble instruments if they are wholly submitted to him. He can work through them to reach souls to whom the minister could not obtain access. There are the highways and byways to be searched. With your Bible in your hand, with your heart warm and glowing with the love of God, you may go out and tell others your experience; you may make known to them the truth that has impressed your heart, praying with faith that God will make your efforts successful in their salvation. Communicate light, and you will have more light to communicate. Thus you may become laborers together with God. 

Let every ray of light which shines from the word be heeded as the eternal truth of God. Then as you place your will on the Lord’s side, look around for some work to do for the Master. Set to work at whatever your hand finds to do; for it is in practicing truth, in blessing others, that you work out your own salvation. If God works in you to will and to do of his good pleasure, you will cultivate those traits of character that every heir of heaven must possess. 

The reason many have so superficial an experience is that they do so much for themselves and so little for Jesus. Intercourse with those who are in need of help, with the purpose of saving their souls, will lead us to pray for wisdom, and look to Jesus as our helper. By unselfish labor for others, we shall establish ourselves in the faith far more firmly than by listening to so many sermons. The Holy Spirit will be our helper, giving us arguments with which to meet opposition, and in all our work giving us steadfast faith and unshaken confidence. 

He desires that his people shall engage in living missionary work, and thus be doers of his word. He desires that they shall labor in love for one another; that they shall pray most earnestly for themselves that they may be branches in the Living Vine, daily drawing nourishment from him, and bearing rich clusters of precious fruit. 

— The Review and Herald, January 12, 1897 


O my Lord, I place my will on the side of Your will. I love what Your truth has done in my life and want to share it with others, but I am so inadequate. Let my heart glow with Your love that I may become a living missionary. I pray for Your wisdom. I ask for the Holy Spirit to be my helper that I may bless others with good. Make my feeble efforts successful for their salvation. I draw my nourishment from You that I may bear the precious fruit of Your love. 



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