Perfect Peace



You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for in Yah, the Lord, is everlasting strength. — Isaiah 26:3,4, NKJV 


The mind is so constituted that it must be occupied with either good or evil. If it takes a low level, it is generally because it is left to deal with common-place subjects—unimportant matters,—not being called out and reined up to grasp those grand and elevated truths which are as enduring as eternity. The understanding will gradually adapt itself to the subjects with which it is familiarized... We must stay our minds on God, if we would have right thoughts, and proper subjects for meditation. 

Few realize that it is a duty to exercise control over their thoughts and imaginations. It is difficult to keep the undisciplined mind fixed upon profitable subjects. But if the thoughts are not properly employed, religion cannot flourish in the soul. The mind must be pre-occupied with sacred and eternal things, or it will cherish trifling and superficial thoughts. Both the intellectual and the moral powers must be disciplined, and they will strengthen and improve by exercise. 

There are, in the Christian faith, subjects upon which every one should accustom his mind to dwell. The love of Jesus, which passeth knowledge, his sufferings for the fallen race, his work of mediation in our behalf, and his exalted glory... Heavenly beings find in these themes enough to attract and engage their deepest thoughts; and shall we, who are so intimately concerned, manifest less interest than the angels, in the wonders of redeeming love? 

The intellect, as well as the heart, must be consecrated to the service of God. He has claims upon all there is of us. However innocent or laudable it may appear, the follower of Christ should not indulge in any gratification, or engage in any enterprise, which an enlightened conscience tells him would abate his ardor, or lessen his spirituality. 

Pleasure-seeking, frivolity, and mental and moral dissipation, are flooding the world with their demoralizing influence. Every Christian should labor to press back the tide of evil... May God help us to press our way against the current!

The Review and Herald, January 4, 1881 


I need Your help, O Lord, as I press my way against the current of demoralizing influences. Help me keep my mind stayed on You and Your love that is so great that You suffered and gave Your life for me. Thank You for Your continued mediation in my behalf. I consecrate both my mind and my heart to Your service. I call on You for guidance as I seek to engage in activities that will strengthen my spiritual life and glorify You.  


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