Ministering to One Another



Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad. — Proverbs 12:25, NKJV 


Christian sociability is altogether too little cultivated by God’s people. 

Those who shut themselves up within themselves, who are unwilling to be drawn upon to bless others by friendly associations, lose many blessings; for by mutual contact minds receive polish and refinement; by social intercourse, acquaintances are formed and friendships contracted which result in a unity of heart and an atmosphere of love which is pleasing in the sight of heaven. 

If Christ is abiding in the soul there will come forth from the treasure house of the heart words which are pure and uplifting; if Christ is not abiding there, a satisfaction will be found in frivolity, in jesting and joking, which is a hindrance to spiritual growth and a cause of grief to the angels of God. The tongue is an unruly member, but it should not be so. It should be converted; for the talent of speech is a very precious talent. 

The social meetings and all other religious exercises should be so planned and managed that they will be not only profitable, but so pleasant as to be positively attractive. Praying together will bind hearts to God in bonds that will endure; confessing Christ openly and bravely, exhibiting in our characters His meekness, humility, and love, will charm others with the beauty of holiness. 

On all these occasions Christ should be set forth as…the Source of all true pleasure and satisfaction, the Giver of every good and perfect gift, the Author of every blessing, the One in whom all our hopes of eternal life are centered. In every religious exercise let the love of God and the joy of the Christian experience appear in their true beauty. 

There is grace for us if we will appreciate it. The Holy Spirit is waiting our demand if we will only demand it with that intensity of purpose which is proportionate to the value of the object we seek. Angels of heaven are taking notice of all our work and are watching to see how they can so minister to each one that he will reflect the likeness of Christ in character and become conformed to the divine image. 

— Testimonies for the Church Volume 6, p.172-175 


My loving God, I give You my heart and ask You to abide in my soul. Give me a converted tongue that my words may be pure and uplifting. Give Your people a unity of heart that we may be a blessing to one another. Help us plan church social events to be more positive and attractive with an atmosphere of love. May Your Holy Spirit come into our midst and bind our hearts together in a love and humility that will charm others with the beauty of holiness! 



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