Labor In His Strength




I will praise the Lord who counsels me —even at night my conscience instructs me. I keep the Lord in mind always. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Psalm 16:7,8, HCSB 



If the Lord in his providence has placed important responsibilities upon you, he will fit you to bear these burdens, if you go to him in faith for strength to do this. When you put your trust in him, and depend upon his counsel, he will not leave you to your own finite judgment, to make imperfect plans and decided failures. 

Every one needs a practical experience in trusting God for himself. Let no man become your confessor; open the heart to God; tell him every secret of the soul. Bring to him your difficulties, small and great, and he will show you a way out of them all. He alone can know how to give the very help you need. 

The care of souls is too important and solemn a work to be entrusted to men who are unacquainted with God, and who do not have a special, definite experience in seeking him through prayer, and exercising faith in him. All heaven is interested in this work, and how can Heaven’s richest blessings fall upon those who labor in their own finite strength and wisdom, instead of seeking help from him whose grace and power constantly await their demand? 

There is an absence of soul-earnestness in prayer, a burden of supplication, that the Lord will give you wisdom, and pour upon you his Holy Spirit, that you may indeed be laborers together with him. Open your Bibles before God, and pray for divine enlightenment. Your Redeemer is waiting for you to call upon him in your necessity. He knows the solemn charge he has committed to you in giving you the care of souls... You need not try to do anything without the special help of your heavenly Father. He is waiting for you to call, that he may say, “Here I am.” If you will seek, he says he will be found of you; his strength, his grace, and his righteousness will be given to the humble, contrite one who seeks him with all the heart. 

Claim the promises of God. The Lord will do all for you that he did for Daniel, if you will co-operate with him as Daniel did. You may be conquerors through humble, earnest trust in your Redeemer. 

Gospel Workers 1892, p.237-239 



Ask the Lord to fit you to bear the burdens of your important responsibilities. Go to him in faith for strength and depend on His counsel. 

Open the heart to God. Bring to Him your difficulties and He will show you a way out of them all.

In earnest prayer ask the Lord to give you wisdom and pour upon you His Holy Spirit that you may indeed be a laborer together with Him.

Claim the promises of God. Through humble, earnest trust in your Redeemer, co-operate with the Lord as Daniel did. 





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