Keeping My Eyes on His Ways



I will meditate on Your precepts and keep my eyes on Your ways. I will delight in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word. — Psalm 119:15,16, MEV 


Even unconsciously we imitate that with which we are familiar. By having a knowledge of Christ-His words-and His Lessons of instruction, we instinctively borrow the virtues of the character which we have so closely studied and become imbued with the spirit which we have so much admired. 

If Christians would earnestly search the scriptures more hearts would burn with the vivid truths therein revealed. Their hopes would brighten with the precious promises strewn like pearls all along through the sacred writings. In contemplating the history of patriarchs and prophets, the men who loved and feared God and walked with Him, hearts will glow with the spirit that animated these worthies. As the mind dwells on the virtue and piety of holy men of old, the spirit which inspired them will kindle a flame of love and holy fervor in the hearts of those who would be like them in character, and as they gather the golden truth from the word, the heavenly Instructor is close by their side. 

To the diligent Bible student new light, new ideas, new gems of truth will constantly appear and be eagerly grasped, for it is impossible for any mind to comprehend all the richness and greatness of even one promise of God. 

Several times each day, precious golden moments should be consecrated to prayer and the study of the scriptures, if it is only to commit a text to memory, that spiritual life may exist in the soul. We should take one verse and concentrate the mind on the task of ascertaining the thought which God has put in that verse for us until it becomes our own, and we know ’what saith the Lord.’ 

The mind must be restrained and not allowed to wander. It should be trained to dwell upon the scriptures; even whole chapters may be committed to memory, to be repeated when Satan comes with his temptations. Even while you are walking on the streets, you may read a passage and meditate upon it, thus fixing it in your mind, and God will flash the knowledge obtained into the memory at the very time when it is needed.

The West Michigan Herald, October 26, 1904 


O my Father, I fix my mind on You as I prayerfully open Your word asking that I may comprehend all the richness and greatness of Your promises. Help me to understand Your thoughts and the goodness of Your ways. I no longer want to imitate the world, I seek the perfection of the character of Christ. Give me Your Spirit and kindle the flame of love and holy fervor in my heart. 



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