Infused With His Love




We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.

2 Corinthians 4:7, NLT 



God wants men to be tender-hearted, compassionate, and to love as brethren. Jesus is waiting for them to open the door, that he may come in and infuse into their hearts the warmth of his love, his goodness, his tender compassion; that the worker may in all his connection with humanity reveal the Saviour to the world. 

All heaven is working for the salvation of sinners; and when the poorest of the human family comes with repentance to his Father, as did the prodigal son, there is joy among the heavenly host. There is warmth and courtesy and love in heaven. 

Simple, brief statements, from a heart made soft and sympathetic by the love of Christ, will be as the grain of mustard seed, to which Christ himself likened his utterances of divine truth. He throws into the soul the vital energy of his spirit, to make the seed of truth germinate and bear fruit. 

Let ministers go before God in prayer, confessing their sins, and with all the simplicity of a little child ask for the blessings that they need. Plead for the warmth of Christ’s love, and then bring it into your discourses; and let no one have occasion to go away and say that the doctrines you believe unfit you for expressing sympathy with suffering humanity—that you have a loveless religion. 

The operations of the Holy Spirit will burn away the dross of selfishness, and reveal a love which is tried in the fire, a love that maketh rich. He who has these riches is in close sympathy with Him who so loved us that he gave his life for our redemption. 

Paul would impress upon the minds of the ministers and people the reason why the gospel was committed to weak and erring men,—that man might not receive the honor due to God only, but that God might receive all the glory. 

Will my brethren...acknowledge that Christ does the work upon the human heart, and not they themselves? Will my ministering brethren plead with God alone in secret prayer for his presence and his power?  

Special Testimony for Our Ministers, p.11,12 



Open the door that He may come in and infuse your heart with the warmth of His love, His goodness, His tender compassion. 

Go before God in prayer and confess your sins, with the simplicity of a child ask for His blessings. 

Plead for the warmth of Christ’s love then bring it into your discussions. 

Acknowledge that Christ does the work on the heart and not self. Plead with God in secret prayer for His presence and His power. 





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