Humble Before God




Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, sinners, and purify your hearts, double-minded people! Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you.
— James 4:8,10, HCSB 


Those who came into the presence of Christ, drawing nigh to him, could more readily breathe in the atmosphere that surrounded him, catch his spirit, and be impressed with his lessons. We are engaged in a serious, solemn work, and we should seek to be in that humble position, to have that teachable spirit, that the Lord can impress our hearts, and that we may feel his drawing power. 

He desires that we shall grow in knowledge, not earthward, but heavenward, upward to Christ our living Head... He wants us to stand in a position where Jesus can move, upon our hearts, where his Spirit shall be poured out upon us, where we shall be representatives of Christ as he is a representative of the Father. The Lord would have us to be lights amid the moral darkness that prevails in the world. 

God has the richest blessings to impart to his children, but no one can go to heaven on a casual faith. Many talk of faith, but it is only a lifeless faith. You must have faith that will claim Jesus as your Saviour today, that rests in the promises of God because they are the promises of God. You must be able to plant your feet on the eternal Rock, on the word of the great I AM. 

We must humble our souls before God as never before, come low to the foot of the cross, and he will put a word in our mouths to speak for him, even praise unto our God. He will teach us a strain from the song of the angels, even thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father. 

I lift up my heart in prayer to God that light may come to his people. As I see something of the loveliness of Christ, my heart ascends to God, “O, let this glory be revealed to thy servants! Let prejudice and unbelief vanish from their hearts.” 

If you will only do your part and bow at the cross of Calvary, you will receive the blessing of God. God loves you. He does not wish to draw you nigh to him to hurt you, oh, no; but to comfort you, to pour in the oil of rejoicing, to heal the wounds that sin has made, to bind up where Satan has bruised. He wants to give you the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Will you let Jesus in? Will you fall on the Rock and be broken? Will you bow low at the foot of the cross? Jesus will place his arms around you, and comfort you. 

— The Review and Herald, March 4, 1890 



Grow heavenward in knowledge, upward to Christ. Stand where Jesus can move upon your heart and His Spirit may be poured out upon you. 
Have faith that claims Jesus as your Saviour and rests in the promises of God because they are the promises of God. Plant your feet on the word of the great I AM. 
Humble your soul before God as never before. Come low to the foot of the cross that He may put a word in your mouth to speak for Him, even praise to God. 
Lift up your heart in prayer that light may come to His people. “O, let Your glory be revealed to Your servants! Let prejudice and unbelief vanish from their hearts.” 

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