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For I have chosen him, so that he will command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just, in order that the Lord may bring upon Abraham what He has promised.”

Genesis 18:19, BSB 



Home missionaries are greatly needed. The work of winning souls to Jesus, and of training them to become workers for others, should begin in the home circle. 

Children will learn to love that which the parents love, and will talk of the subjects upon which they talk… If we desire them to love and reverence God, we must make him the theme of our meditations; we must speak of his goodness, his majesty, and his power. If we would have them love and imitate the character of Christ, we must ourselves represent Christ in our homes. 

Parents who give heed to God’s word will…teach their children that every worldly consideration should be made second to their eternal interests. They will make a hedge about them by prayer, pleading in faith that God will abide with them, and that holy angels will guard them from Satan’s cruel power. 

Do not expect a change to be wrought in your children without patient, earnest labor, mingled with fervent prayer. To study and understand their varied characters, and day by day to mould them after the divine Model, is a work demanding great diligence and perseverance, and much prayer, with an abiding faith in God’s promises. 

Children should not be treated with harshness. Remember that your sons and daughters are younger members of God’s family. He has committed them to your care to train and educate for Heaven… Yet while exercising tenderness and loving sympathy, you should be firm and decided to command obedience. 

Counsel with those of experience. Seek counsel of God in his word; work and pray, pray and work, from the earliest hour of your children’s lives, and believe that God will co-operate with you in every effort to follow the light and instruction he has given…  He will not refuse to hear the parents’ earnest prayer, that is seconded by persevering labor, that their children may be blessed of him, and become faithful workers in his cause. When parents do their duty in God’s appointed way, they may be sure that their requests for his help in their home work will be granted. 

— Signs of the Times, May 4, 1888 



My Heavenly Father, I seek to train my children to keep Your ways, but I fall so short. Bless me in my efforts to make You the theme of my meditations. Guard my mouth that I may speak only of Your goodness and Your power. Put a hedge around my children. Abide with them and may Your holy angels guard them from Satan’s cruel power. Thank You for blessing my efforts to train my children to be a part of the family of God! 



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