Hold to the Affirmative




The Lord God has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear to hear as the learned.

Isaiah 50:4, NKJV 



Let us understand our need of communion with God. We are to experience the sanctifying power of his grace on the human heart. We are to be submissive to the will of God, and willing to engage in the work that he has appointed his servants to do. 

What we need is the truth. Nothing can take the place of this,—the sacred, solemn truth that is to enable us to stand the test of trial, even as Christ endured. Early in his ministry the disciples wanted the Saviour to go up to Jerusalem and show himself there. “If thou be the Christ,” they said, “show thyself to the world.” Christ was doing this very thing, but he was doing it in a way they did not perceive. Speaking to the people on the streets, and healing the sick, Christ was working to make impressions that would arouse the sensibilities of the people. Even to the last he exercised his miracle-working power. These were the very deeds he came to the world to do. 

We need to work more in Christ’s lines, to pray more. We need to exercise our faith until we can grasp the hand of Omnipotent power. Then we shall be able to carry the message of present truth to the multitudes who are ignorant of it. 

When you speak to others, and they reply in a way that is not pleasant, do not allow yourselves to be aroused. Remember that Jesus was met in the same way. His precious words of truth were met with scorn. But did he cease his work because of this?—No; he would continue his work until he had gathered about him a multitude of hearers. The Saviour would have us study our words and actions, and follow his example. Let us not, when we meet with insults and taunts, take up these things, and try to answer them. 

Hold to the affirmative. Angels of God, are watching you, and they understand how to impress those whose opposition you refuse to meet with argument.

He wants you to institute meetings for those outside of the churches, that they may learn the truths of this last message of warning. There are places where you will be gladly received, where souls will thank you for coming to their help. May the Lord help you to take hold of this work as you have never yet taken hold of it. 

— The General Conference Bulletin, May 18, 1909 



Commune with God and experience the sanctifying power of His grace on your heart. Be submissive to the will of God.

Pray more and exercise your faith until you can grasp the hand of Omnipotent power to carry the message of present truth. 

Follow the example of the Saviour. When you meet with insults do not try to answer them. Hold to the affirmative.

Pray that the Lord help you to take hold of this work as you have never yet taken hold of it. 






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