His Calling




I pray that the perception of your mind may be enlightened so you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the glorious riches of His inheritance among the saints,

— Ephesians 1:18, HCSB 



The Lord would awaken his church to her calling. This is to follow in the footsteps of Christ, and present him to the world, that the world may say of his disciples, “They have been with Jesus, and have learned of him.” Then let each engage in this work in all humility of mind. 

The standard of truth may be raised by humble men and women; and the youth, and even children, may be a blessing to others, by revealing what the truth has done for them. God will use the most feeble instruments if they are wholly submitted to him. 

With your Bible in your hand, with your heart warm and glowing with the love of God, you may go out and tell others your experience; you may make known to them the truth that has impressed your heart, praying with faith that God will make your efforts successful in their salvation. Communicate light, and you will have more light to communicate. Thus you may become laborers together with God.

Every one may have an understanding of the truth, and exert an influence for good. Then go to work, my brethren and sisters. Gain an experience by working for others. You may make mistakes; but this is not more than the most intelligent, and those in positions of trust, have done again and again. You will not always meet with success; but you can never know the result of humble, disinterested effort to help those who are in darkness. 

Through the agency of the Holy Spirit, you may win souls from error to truth, and in so doing your own souls will be filled with the love of God... if you make him your dependence, he will give you wisdom and strength according to your need. 

[God] desires that his people shall engage in living missionary work... He desires that they shall labor in love for one another; that they shall pray most earnestly for themselves that they may be branches in the Living Vine, daily drawing nourishment from him, and bearing rich clusters of precious fruit. 

— The Review and Herald, January 12, 1897 



Be a blessing to others by revealing what the truth has done for you. 

With your Bible in your hand and your heart warm with the love of God, tell others your experience and how the truth has impressed your heart. 

Pray with faith that God will make your efforts successful. 

Pray most earnestly that you may be branches in the Living Vine, daily drawing nourishment from Him. 





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