Higher and Greater Blessings



Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city. — Revelation 22:14, NKJV 


The wickedness that fills our world is the result of Adam’s refusal to take God’s word as supreme.“Sin entered into the world, and death by sin.”But Christ gave his life to save the sinner from the death sentence. He died that we might live. 

Through his grace all may become loyal subjects of God’s kingdom. Only by his sacrifice could salvation be brought within man’s reach. This sacrifice has made it possible for men and women to fulfill the conditions laid down in the councils of heaven. 

But of ourselves we are utterly powerless to attain to this condition. All that is good in man comes to him through Christ. The holiness that God’s Word declares we must have before we can be saved is the result of the working of divine grace as we bow in submission to the discipline and restraining influence of the Spirit of truth. 

It is for the highest interest of man to obey the law of God; for conformity to the principles of this law is essential to the formation of a righteous character. The rules of life that the Lord has given will make men pure and happy and holy. Those only who obey these rules can hear from the lips of Christ the words, “Come up higher.” 

The part of the Christian is to persevere in overcoming every fault. Constantly he is to pray to the Saviour to heal the disorders of his diseased soul. He has not the wisdom and strength without which he can not overcome. They belong to the Lord, and he bestows them on those who in humiliation and contrition seek him for help. 

He is always ready to hear and answer the prayer of the contrite heart, and grace and peace are multiplied to his faithful ones. Gladly he grants them the blessings that they need in their struggle against the evils that beset them. Those who listen to the counsels of his Word shall not want any good thing. 

God will more than fulfill the highest expectations of those who put their trust in him. He desires us to remember that when we are humble and contrite, we stand where he can and will manifest himself to us. He is well pleased when we urge past mercies and blessings as a reason why he should bestow on us higher and greater blessings. He is honored when we love him, and bear testimony to the genuineness of our love by keeping his commandments. 

— The Review and Herald, March 15, 1906 


O my Savior, You gave Your life for me that I may live. I want to honor You by doing Your commandments, but I am powerless. Heal my sin-sick soul. I humbly bow in submission to the restraining power of the Spirit and gratefully receive Your divine grace. Help me follow Your Word as supreme. You are good and have shown Yourself to me in the past. I continue to seek higher greater blessings from You! 


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