Hedge of Protection



Haven’t You placed a hedge around him, his household, and everything he owns? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. — Job 1:10, HCSB 


If ever there was a time when every house should be a house of prayer, it is now. Infidelity and skepticism are prevailing. Iniquity abounds, and in consequence, the love of many waxes cold…and unless some mighty arm is stretched out to rescue him, man goes where the arch-rebel leads the way. 

And yet in this time of fearful peril some who profess to be Christians have no family altar… These things grieve me; for I know that continual watchfulness and unceasing prayer are necessary for every soul that would successfully resist the wiles of the great deceiver. 

Parents should make a hedge about their children by prayer; they should pray with full faith that God will abide with them, and that holy angels will guard themselves and their children from Satan’s cruel power. 

In every family there should be order, and regular habits. There should be a fixed time to rise in the morning, a time for breakfast, and a time for prayer, either directly before or directly after the morning meal… Let them thank God for protecting them during the night, and ask for help and grace and the watchcare of angels through the day. 

Let the seasons of family worship be short and spirited. Do not let your children or any member of your family dread them because of their tediousness or lack of interest. When a long chapter is read and explained and a long prayer offered, this precious service becomes wearisome, and it is a relief when it is over. 

It should be the special object of the heads of the family to make the hour of worship intensely interesting… select a portion of Scripture that is interesting and easily understood; a few verses will be sufficient to furnish a lesson which may be studied and practiced through the day. Questions may be asked, a few earnest, interesting remarks made, or incident, short and to the point, may be brought in by way of illustration. At least a few verses of spirited song may be sung, and the prayer offered should be short and pointed. The one who leads in prayer should not pray about everything, but should express his needs in simple words, and praise God with thanksgiving. 

—  Signs of the Times, August 7, 1884 


Father God, thank You for the protection You give my family. We need Your grace and ask for the help and watch care of angels throughout the day. I lift my precious children up in prayer that You will abide with them and holy angels will guard them from Satan’s cruel power. With a grateful heart I praise You for Your abiding presence! 



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