Guard the Soul




Incline my heart to Your testimonies, and not to covetousness. Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way.

— Psalm 119:36,37, NKJV 



I appeal to those who love the truth: Guard well the avenues of the soul. Place sentinels at the eyes, the ears, the lips. When prevarications and conjectures are brought before you, and your minds are disturbed, go to Jesus, and pray for help that you may not be ensnared by the wiles of Satan. 

The adversary of souls is constantly seeking to divert our minds by bringing in side-issues. Let us not be deceived... We cannot afford to allow our minds to be diverted from Jesus and the preparation of soul which we must have in order to meet him in peace. 

“All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” It is good for me to tread a hard and humble path, to encounter difficulties, to experience disappointments... The Saviour knows what is best. Faith grows by conflict with doubt and difficulty and trial. Virtue gathers strength by resistance to temptation.   

In Christ’s stead, I beseech you to pray as you never prayed before, to seek earnestly for faith and love, that seem to be almost banished from the earth. Live each day as in the sight of God. 

“Now the just shall live by faith.” We must look to Jesus, study his words, pray for his Spirit. We should be more frequently alone with God in meditation and prayer. Let us pray more and talk less. We cannot trust to our own wisdom, our own experience, our own knowledge of the truth; we must be daily learners, looking to our heavenly Teacher for instruction

We should cultivate a spirit of prayer, not merely praying in our closets, at the family altar, or in public, but having our minds constantly centered on God, taking hold upon his strength, pleading for his grace, confiding in his promises... While we realize our weakness, let us rely upon His strength, and overcome by the grace which he imparts. 

There is help in God for every seeker. Great promises are left on record for us. We should keep faith in constant exercise, and it will increase and strengthen. Our hope is in Christ. 

— The Review and Herald, August 28, 1883 



Guard the avenues of the soul. Pray for help that you may not be ensnared by the wiles of Satan. 

Look to Jesus, study His words, be alone with God in meditation and prayer. Look to your heavenly Teacher for instruction. 

Pray for His Spirit. Cultivate a spirit of prayer, have your mind constantly centered on God. 

Take hold on His strength, plead for His grace, confide in His promises. Overcome by the grace He imparts. 







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