Faith and Deliverance




Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. 
Proverbs 3:5,6, NASB  



Our greatest need is faith in God. When we look on the dark side, we lose our hold on the Lord of Israel. 
There must be less talking unbelief, less imagining that this one and that one is hedging up the way. Go forward in faith; trust the Lord to prepare the way for his work. Then you will find rest in Christ. 
As you cultivate faith, and place yourselves in right relation to God, and by earnest prayer brace yourselves to do your duty, you will be worked by the Holy Spirit. The many problems that are now mysterious, you may solve for yourselves by continued trust in God. You need not be painfully indefinite because you are living under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You may walk and work in confidence. 
We must have less faith in what we can do, and more faith in what the Lord can do for us, if we will have clean hands and pure hearts. You are not engaged in your own work; you are doing the work of God. 
Do not worry. By looking at appearances, and complaining when difficulty and pressure come, you reveal a sickly, enfeebled faith. 
By your words and your works show that your faith is invincible. The Lord is rich in resources. He owns the world. Look to him who has light, and power, and efficiency. He will bless every one who is seeking to communicate light and love. 
The Lord desires all to understand that their prosperity is hid with him in Christ; that it is dependent on their humility and meekness, their whole-hearted obedience and devotion. 
When they shall learn the lesson of the great Teacher, to die to self, to put no confidence in man, nor to make flesh their arm, then, as they call upon him, the Lord will be to them a present help in every time of need. 
He will be at their right hand to give them counsel. He will say to them, “This is the way; walk ye in it.” 
Atlantic Union Gleaner, September 23, 1903 



Cultivate faith. By earnest prayer brace yourself to do your duty and be worked by the Holy Spirit. 
Do not worry and complain when difficulty comes. By your words and works show that your faith is invincible. 
The Lord is rich in resources. Look to Him who has light and power and efficiency. 
Learn the lesson of the great Teacher, die to self and put no confidence in man. Call on the Lord, He will help in every time of need. 







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