Elijah Prayed Earnestly



The Promise 

Elijah was as human as we are, and yet when he prayed earnestly that no rain would fall, none fell for three and a half years! Then, when he prayed again, the sky sent down rain and the earth began to yield its crops.

James 5:17,18, NLT 


The Testimony 

Important lessons are presented to us in the experience of Elijah. When upon Mount Carmel he offered the prayer for rain, his faith was tested, but he persevered in making known his request unto God. Six times he prayed earnestly, and yet there was no sign that his petition was granted, but with strong faith he urged his plea to the throne of grace. Had he given up in discouragement at the sixth time, his prayer would not have been answered, but he persevered till the answer came. We have a God whose ear is not closed to our petitions; and if we prove his word, he will honor our faith. He wants us to have all our interests interwoven with his interests, and then he can safely bless us; for we shall not then take glory to self when the blessing is ours, but shall render all the praise to God. God does not always answer our prayers the first time we call upon him; for should he do this, we might take it for granted that we had a right to all the blessings and favors he bestowed upon us. Instead of searching our hearts to see if any evil was entertained by us, any sin indulged, we would become careless, and fail to realize our dependence upon him, and our need of his help. 

Elijah humbled himself until he was in a condition where he would not take the glory to himself. This is the condition upon which the Lord hears prayer, for then we shall give the praise to him… When we are in a right condition before God, we shall realize that a great sacrifice has been made in our behalf, and we shall see our own human frailty and weakness, and offer praise to God, instead of to man.  

Praise God with all your heart, soul, might, mind, and strength; for God alone is worthy to be glorified. If we should realize that our salvation cost the infinite price of the life of the Son of God, we should have more humble views of self. Our Saviour knew that there was no hope of redemption for us except through him, and he came to the world to be wounded for our transgression, to be bruised for our iniquities, to bear our chastisement, that through his stripes we might be healed. 

The Review and Herald, June 9, 1891 


The Response 

Dear Lord, with a grateful heart I humbly offer my praises to You, and You alone. Thank You, O Lord, for honoring Your word. With faith in Your promises, I earnestly lift my petition to the throne of grace seeking Your blessings. I acknowledge that my salvation cost the life of my dear Savior, it is only through Your stripes that I am healed. I praise You with all my heart, soul, might, mind and strength for You are worthy to receive glory! 



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