Compassionate Ministry




And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick.

Matthew 14:14, NKJV 



Christ sought the people where they were, and placed before them the great truths in regard to his kingdom. As he went from place to place, he blessed and comforted the suffering and healed the sick. This is our work. Small companies are to go forth to do the work to which Christ appointed his disciples. While laboring as evangelists, they can visit the sick, praying with them, and if need be, treating them, not with medicines, but with the remedies provided in nature.

May the Lord increase our faith, and help us to see that he desires us all to become acquainted with his ministry of healing and with the mercy seat. He desires the light of his grace to shine forth from many places.

The tender sympathies of our Saviour were aroused for fallen and suffering humanity. If you would be his follower, you must cultivate compassion and sympathy. Indifference to human woes must give place to lively interest in the sufferings of others. The widow, the orphan, the sick and dying, will always need help. Here is an opportunity to proclaim the gospel,—to hold up Jesus, the hope and consolation of all men. When the suffering body has been relieved, the heart is opened, and you can pour in the heavenly balm. If you are looking to Jesus, and drawing from him knowledge and strength and grace, you can impart his consolation to others, because the Comforter is with you. 

Many are suffering from maladies of the soul far more than from diseases of the body, and they will find no relief until they come to Christ, the wellspring of life. The burden of sin, with its unrest and unsatisfied desires, lies at the foundation of a large share of the maladies the sinner suffers. Christ is the mighty Healer of the sin-sick soul. These poor, afflicted ones need to have a clearer knowledge of him whom to know aright is life eternal. They need to be patiently and kindly yet earnestly taught how to throw open the windows of the soul and let the sunlight of God’s love come in. 

— The Review and Herald, December 17, 1914 

The response 

In small companies, go forth doing the work which Christ appointed His disciples in blessing and comforting the suffering. 

Pray for the Lord to increase your faith and help you to become acquainted with His ministry of healing. 

Cultivate compassion, sympathy and a lively interest in the sufferings of others. Hold up Jesus as the hope and consolation for all people. 

Look to Jesus and draw knowledge knowledge, strength and grace from Him. Pray for the Comforter to be with you that you may impart His consolation to others. 




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