Committed to Christ



The promise 

Therefore let those who suffer according to the will of God commit their souls to Him in doing good, as to a faithful Creator. 

— 1 Peter 4:19, NKJV 


The testimony 

Let us have that faith that takes hold of the promises of God, and will not let go; faith that will live in adversity, clouds and gloom, and although trembling, will find its way through every obstacle, up within the second vail, and there grasp the desired blessing. A dead faith will do us no good. We must have a living faith, and then we shall have a living experience. 

Are we willing to search our own hearts, and compare our lives with our holy Pattern! We are too well satisfied with a form. We must have the power of godliness in the soul. We must have our minds running in the right channel. Our conversation is too much upon things of earth. And when we meet to worship God, it takes time to get the mind fixed upon God, or in a heavenly frame to serve him. We have had so few thoughts of God and heaven, we cannot approach him with confidence in faith; and we pray and labor in darkness, when it is our privilege to be in the light. 

We should oft hold communion with God, draw nourishment from Jesus the living vine, that our souls may flourish in the Lord. Then can we exert a holy influence. 

A sense of our own weakness and frailty will lead us to lean upon One that is mighty to save, whose delight is to impart strength and courage to the humble, self-abased suppliant. Humility is the greatest ornament a christian can wear. Jesus loves to honor such, and lift them up. There is a fullness in Jesus. We can partake of his rich grace, and abundant salvation. We can rejoice in a whole Saviour, and have unwavering trust and confidence in God. We are too faithless, too doubting. Our faith in God’s precious promises should grow every day. If we hold the victory over the powers of darkness it must be by constant, persevering watchfulness and almost unceasing prayer. It must be an every day work. If we grow in grace and in knowledge of the truth, we must have the words of our mouth select, and seasoned with grace. God will help in our efforts. Angels will watch over us, and our soul will be like a watered garden. 

The Review and Herald, January 10, 1856 



Dear Heavenly Father, I commit my soul to You, for You are faithful. In my adversity and all the obstacles, I take hold of Your promises and will not let go. I put my full trust and confidence in You. Give me strength and courage, in my weakness and frailty I lean wholly upon You. Your precious promises give me victory over the powers of darkness. With a grateful heart I ask that the words of my mouth be seasoned with grace so I may exert a holy influence.   



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