Call for Missionaries




Looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus, who gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.

— Titus 2:13,14, NASB



Conformity to the world is gaining ground among God’s people, who profess to be pilgrims and strangers, waiting and watching for the Lord’s appearing.  

The Lord, by close and pointed truths for these last days, is cleaving out a people from the world and purifying them unto Himself. Pride and unhealthful fashions, the love of display, the love of approbation—all must be left with the world if we would be renewed in knowledge after the image of Him who created us. 

We are amid the perils of the last days. Important and fearful events are before us. How necessary that all who do fear God and love His law should humble themselves before Him, and be afflicted and mourn, and confess the sins that have separated God from His people. That which should excite the greatest alarm, is that we do not feel or understand our condition, our low estate, and that we are satisfied to remain as we are. We should flee to the word of God and to prayer, individually seeking the Lord earnestly, that we may find Him. We should make this our first business. 

Christ...came not to be ministered unto, but to minister to others. He pleased not Himself. He made Himself of no reputation, but took upon Himself the form of a servant... He lived to do good and to save others from suffering, and His example is for us to follow. 

God calls for missionaries. There are men of ability in the church...who will grow in capacity and power as they exercise their talents in the work and cause of God. If these brethren will educate themselves to make the cause of God their first interest, and will sacrifice their pleasure and inclination for the truth’s sake, the blessing of God will rest upon them.

God will be to them wisdom and power, and will glorify Himself in working with and by those who wholly follow Him. “If any man serve Me, him will My Father honor.” The wisdom and power of God will be given to the willing and faithful. 

— Testimonies to the Church Volume 3, p.51-56 



Humble yourself before God, be afflicted and mourn, confess the sins that have separated you from God.  

Flee to the word of God and to prayer, seek the Lord earnestly that you may find Him. Make this your first business. 

Exercise your talents in the work and cause of God. Educate yourself to make the cause of God your first interest, sacrifice pleasure and inclination for the truth’s sake.

Be a willing and faithful missionary seeking the wisdom and power of God. 





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